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Airspace World '24: KAIROS participation at SESAR Walking Tours

Today the KAIROS project participated in the SESAR Walking Tour on Artificial Intelligence (AI) hosted at Airspace World 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The tour, attended by industry leaders and enthusiasts, highlighted the potential of AI to improve operational efficiency in aviation, leaving human potential to focus on achieving higher safety.

Aniel Jardines, representing AI METHODS, together with Maxime Warnier from MetSafe and Gérald Regniaud from DSNA, took centre stage and showed the audience how AI can revolutionise air traffic management, by enabling a more accurate and efficient anticipation of adverse weather conditions.

Through the pioneering weather forecasting platform developed under the KAIROS project, tour attendees witnessed how AI enables aviation professionals to stay one step ahead of unpredictable weather patterns. This advance can improve safety measures and optimise operational efficiency by helping improve decision making.


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