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KAIROS project kicks off

June 20 marked a significant milestone as KAIROS project took flight with the project kick-off meeting. This SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking-funded initiative aims to transform weather forecasting in the aviation sector and heralds a new era of innovation for this industry.

The kick-off meeting not only signaled the start of this Industrial Research project but also set the stage for a groundbreaking collaboration with 16 partners on board. Leading the charge is Aniel Jardines, the project coordinator and CEO of UC3M spin-off AI Methods, and the project consortium includes:


The adverse impact of inclement weather on air traffic management is a long-standing challenge across Europe, causing frequent delays and disruptions. In order to navigate this hurdle successfully, it is imperative to enhance the quality of weather information. Recognizing this pressing need, the KAIROS project aims to leverage real-time weather information from AI forecasts and seamlessly integrate it into existing decision support tools and platforms. This innovative approach is poised to deliver operational benefits to a diverse range of end users, transcending the realm of mere weather prediction. By achieving a better balance of demand and capacity at the network level, as well as optimizing the management of local flows and urban air mobility, KAIROS is set to redefine the way we navigate the skies.

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