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Creativity and Innovation Day: KAIROS and the digitization of European airspace

As the global community celebrates UN World Creativity and Innovation Day, attention turns to groundbreaking endeavors driving change across the aviation sector. Among them, the KAIROS project stands out as a beacon of innovation, especially in the field of air traffic management.

By integrating advanced AI algorithms into the weather forecasting process, this SESAR Joint Undertaking-funded project seeks to provide air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airports, and airlines with unprecedented insights and predictive capabilities. This, in turn, opens up new horizons for operational efficiencies and automation opportunities, fundamentally transforming the way airspace is managed.

The pursuit of innovation at KAIROS is mainly based on the people who make up the consortium of this research project: problem solvers who try to push the limits of what is possible.

Indeed, the implications of the KAIROS project extend far beyond the confines of the aviation sector. By pioneering AI-driven solutions for weather forecasting and management, KAIROS sets a precedent for innovation in other industries grappling with similar challenges.


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