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Aniel Jardines: "With climate change increasing hazardous weather, the aviation community faces a difficult challenge in growing resilient air traffic"

In an interview by SESAR JU in April, Aniel Jardines, coordinator of the KAIROS project, revealed its ambitious mission. Selected by SESAR JU as the project of the month, KAIROS aims to revolutionize aviation's approach to weather disruptions by employing artificial intelligence. Significant progress has already been made in predicting convective weather like thunderstorms, with AI algorithms proving superior to traditional methods in terms of accuracy and leads times.

  • Why does Artificial Intelligence increase the accuracy of weather forecasts?

  • How can this improve air traffic controllers' decisions?

  • How might advancements in weather forecasting technology contribute to the aviation community's resilience against the impacts of climate change?

  • How will the KAIROS end-user platform look like?

  • What are the future challenges of the project?

Explore the full SESAR JU interview with Aniel Jardines to uncover the answers to these questions and learn more about the KAIROS project.


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