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KAIROS Team Gathers for General Meeting and OSED Discussion

Yesterday, on 25 January, the KAIROS team came together for a day of collaborative and forward-thinking discussions during two working sessions. These meetings, namely the KAIROS General Meeting and the Operational Service and Environment Definition (OSED) meeting, were of importance for the project's development and coordination.

KAIROS General Meeting

The day kicked off with the KAIROS General Meeting, the monthly coordination session where the team addressed pending issues and strategically organized upcoming activities. Among the key topics discussed, was the imminent delivery of project deliverables. The team shared progress updates, and fine-tuned their plans to ensure a seamless delivery process. Additionally, the meeting helped to organised the 1st biannual KAIROS meeting, scheduled to be held on 27-28 February in Istanbul.

OSED Meeting

After the General Meeting, the KAIROS team delved into the Operational Service and Environment Definition (OSED) meeting. This session had a distinct focus on initiating the definition process for the operational services within the project. The OSED document plays a pivotal role for SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking- funded projects in outlining the operational services, defining their environment, and detailing scenarios, use cases, and requirements.


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